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Financial Counseling for Problem Gambling

GamFin Financial Counselors act as personal finance subject-matter experts to support clinical professionals and individuals when financial questions arise in gambling disorder treatment and recovery. Meet with a GamFin Financial Counselor on behalf of your clients or refer your clients directly. GamFin counselors will answer financial questions and help to develop financial solutions that can be incorporated into treatment and/or recovery programs.

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Consult with expert financial counselors who know how to support Problem Gambling treatment and recovery.

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No cost service for clients in Ohio, funded by the Ohio Casino Control Commission. No sale pitches, ads or fees.

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Learn how to protect yourself from your
close one’s gambling and how to regain control over your finances.

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“A recovery journey conversation, the kinds of financial hardships that gamblers and their loved ones face and the importance of mental healthcare and financial counseling for those in recover.”